Rapidfor® Duo Antigen Rapid Test Kit

SARS-CoV-2 Duo Antigen Rapid Test Kit is an in vitro diagnostic rapid test for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen (Ag) in human nasopharyngeal swab specimens from individuals who meet Covid-19 clinical criteria. 

SARS-CoV-2 Duo Antigen Rapid Test Kit detects current infection during the acute phase of Covid-19, while the coronavirus is still present in large quantities in the respitory tract (nasopharynx).

RapidFor ™ Covid-19 Duo Antigen Rapid Test Kit is for professional use only and is intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection. 

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Sample processing: 

1. Take out the tube, add about 500µL of sample buffer (or 15 drops vertically) to thetube. 
2. Completely immerse the swab head of the collected sample into the buffer in thetube. 
3. Rotate the sample against the inner wall of the tube approximately 10 times or squeeze the tube 10 times to elute the sample to ensure that the sample on theswab isfullyelutedintothe buffer. 
4. Squeeze the swab head along the innerwall of the tube to keep the liquid in thetubeasmuchaspossible. 
5. Discard the swab and cover the drip head tomix the liquid thoroughly. 
6. Samples should be elutedandused immediately after collection at the same time,the samplesshould not be inactivated,stored, or frozen and thawed.

Rapidfor® Covid-19 Duo 
Antigen Test Kit Usage Areas

Vitrosens Covid-19 SARS- CoV-2 Duo Antigen Test Kit identifies current infection during the acute phase of Covid-19 while the virus is still present in large quantities in the respiratory tract(nasopharnyx). 
Similar to laboratory devices.It detects a Covid-19(SARS CoV-2)antigen the nucleoprotein.The test provides a qualitative result showing coloured bands indicating the presence of Covid-19(SARS CoV-2) antigens.





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Our test kits are prepared according to the following standards.

Test Types Comparison

Test Types PCR Antigen ELISA Antibody
Detected Nucleic Acid Antigen Antibody Antibody
Sample Type Nasopharyngeal
Serum and Plasma Serum Plasma and Whole Blood
Time To Result 3 Hours 15 Minutes 45 Minutes 15 Minutes
Device Requirement Yes No Yes No
Lab Requirement Yes No Yes No

RapidFor® Duo Antigen Rapid Test Kit

RapidFor® Covid-19 Test Kit usage video


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Box Content

Cotton Swab 25/Pcs
Test Casette 25/Pcs
Test Tube 25/Pcs
Test Tube Dripper 25/Pcs
Extraction Solution 1/Pc
Test Tube Holder 1/Pc
User Manual 1/Pc

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RapidFor® Duo Antigen Rapid Test Kit VSCD07-1 1 Box/1 Pcs
RapidFor® Duo Antigen Rapid Test Kit VSCD07-25 1 Box/25 Pcs
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